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Windows assigned drive letter H: to my flash drive.

CS didn't check the drive but just did a backup process. Your SW should at least validate the drives at the beginning of backup process. Only now I find a flow; I have different groups that do backups of different directories. One feature request: When the backup destination is not present (e.g.

This is often before my networks card has fully initialised and all the other windows stuff has settled down. There are so many viruses that encrypt or corrupt the files and ask money, it would prevent Create Synchronicity from copying bad files to good locations.

AI got smarter since the captcha code below was written back in 2009, and spambots were having a field day with this comment form. It's so much better than the backup that's built into Windows 10. Hi, I did a mirror backup from left to right drives but unfortunately my drives interchanged and ended with old data transfering to new one. I had 5 years of using the most terrible back up apps until I found this one.Gostaria de saber como evitar copiar arquivos de sistema. **** I use Synchonicity Create on Windows 10 Pro 64.It works perfectly, as when I used it on Windows 7 Pro 64 . Would be awesome to refresh Create Synchronicity GUI and resume development (apart from GUI look, i am not sure what could be improved though ...).This is what happened: I set CS to back up my 4 TB drive (E:) to my removable external 4TB drive (H:).I set CS to synchronize the external drive (H:) with the internal drive (E:) every month.

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Every other filetype was copied except .htaccess files. If I copy a directory from NTFS to ex FAT using Windows Explorer the "last modified" date is preserved, but this does not happen when using Create Synchronicity.

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