Traits of intimidating people

The normal benefit of having a favored class is simple and effective: your character gains one extra hit point or one extra skill rank each time she gains a level in that class (or in either of two classes, if she is a half-elf).The alternate favored class abilities listed here may not have as broad an appeal as the standard choices.This chapter also contains a list of alternate class features for each race.Some of them play on racial archetypes not reflected in the standard racial traits, like a gnome's love of languages or tinkering or a halfling's mastery of thrown items or of slipping through a battlefield under the feet of larger races.

The following race discussions also describe alternate racial traits for each character race.

For example, a gnome may eschew the militant path and exchange defensive training and hatred for the gift of tongues, while other magic-using gnomes might forgo the traditional gnome specialty of illusion magic to become a magical linguist or even a pyromaniac.

You can exchange one or several of your character's normal racial traits, but of course you cannot exchange the same racial trait more than once.

These expanded looks at racial attitudes can help give definition and depth to each race and spark ideas for how and why members of that race might be inclined to pursue one class rather than another, or what challenges they might face in adopting a career that goes against the grain of their society.

These attitudes should never be considered restrictions on what classes players may choose, regardless of their characters' race, nor are they a prescription that demands player characters think or act a certain way toward members of a class described as being highly favored (or highly disfavored) by members of their race.

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The seven player character races in the Pathfinder RPG—dwarves, elves, gnomes, half-elves, half-orcs, halflings, and humans—are no more uniform than are humans in the real world.

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