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is an example of a single task that is logically possible for some being perform, but which is logically impossible for an omnipotent being to perform.The Stone Paradox provides an example of two tasks () such that each task is logically possible, but it is logically impossible for one task to be performed immediately after the other.This question is known as the Paradox of the Stone, or the Paradox of Omnipotence.It appears that answering either “yes” or “no” will mean that the being in question is not omnipotent after all.

The general problem is this: The fact that it is logically possible that some being perform a specified task (the task itself does not contain a contradiction) does not guarantee that it is logically possible for an omnipotent being to perform that task.

Nevertheless, the Stone Paradox is of interest because necessary omnitemporal omnipotence has traditionally been attributed to God.

The Stone Paradox has been the main focus of those attempting to specify exactly what an omnipotent being could, and could not, do.

Omnipotence is thought to be a quite impressive property.

Indeed, the traditional God's omnipotence is one of the attributes that make Him worthy of worship.

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Omnipotence is the property of being all-powerful; it is one of the traditional divine attributes in Western conceptions of God.

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