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Some poles have thick ergonomic handles, while others have a thin handle with a wrist strap. Just step out your door – preferably with some good company – and away you go.Any knowledgeable sporting goods store staff will be able to assist you with the right choice. You may initially think this is no different than going for an ordinary walk. This sport uses similar movements and muscles as cross-country skiing.Nordic Walking technique must be learnt correctly if the walker is to get the most out of the activity.Nordic Walking was developed in the 1960s as a summer training method for very fit competitive cross country skiers in Finland who started to use poles in their training when there was no snow. London’s many parks and urban pavements offer great opportunities for Nordic Walking in and around the city.Nordic Walking is a fun, sociable way to exercise outdoors, and is accessible to walkers of all ages and fitness levels.

According to Marja-Leana Keast, PT, “Nordic walking has also recently been investigated as a potential rehabilitation modality for conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, type 2 diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and fibromyalgia, post-acute coronary syndrome or congestive heart failure, and orthopaedic issues such as arthritis and peripheral neuropathies.” Keast adds, “Nordic walking is great for cardio-pulmonary rehabilitation patients.” Using poles offloads weight from hips, knees and lower spine, and into the upper body, making it ideal for some clients who have arthritis or low back pain, or are easing back into activity after surgery. I Promise You This, Book 3 in her award-winning Love in Provence series, will be published May 17, 2016.The range of arm movement regulates the length of the stride.Most importantly, the proven health benefits are enormous. Please share your advice and experiences with the Sixty and Me community.The walking poles are ideal for wintry weather but also suited to any season and any landscape. “Trekking with poles is walking with serious attitude,” says Jayah Faye Paley, a certified trainer from California.The cadences of the arms, legs and body are, rhythmically speaking, similar to those used in normal, vigorous walking.

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