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A serial killer who lived downstairs in the same building later confessed. In 1975, he self-published Khrushchev Killed Kennedy, in which he alleged that a “look-alike” Soviet agent had killed Kennedy, not Oswald.

Eddowes believed the KGB had trained a body-double named Alec to assume Oswald’s identity.

“I feel it would be in the best public interest to conduct the exhumation,” Dr. “If there’s a question and a reasonable question that science can resolve, then that’s our business.” Promising to pay all expenses, Eddowes persuaded Marina Oswald – who suspected the grave was empty – to consent to a private autopsy.

Marina was haunted by a 1964 visit with government agents who had asked her to sign a stack of cemetery papers without explanation.

The family was charged for this going-away outfit.

Oswald tells me that her son, Lee Harvey, was a good boy and that she loved him.

We are not here to judge, only to commit for burial Lee Harvey Oswald.

Oswald’s hair was washed and combed, his visible bruises concealed with makeup, and his eyes and lips sealed for eternity. One was a gold wedding band and the other a smaller ring with a red gemstone that Oswald’s wife had requested he be buried with.

The assassin’s burial – deliberately scheduled the next day around the same moment as the president’s nationally televised funeral, to discourage any public mourning – was attended only by Oswald’s small, destitute, shell-shocked family, a handful of reporters, and a local pastor who didn’t know Oswald but believed no man should be buried without a prayer.

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