Keeping up with the kardashians s9e20 online dating

As Kourtney wrapped a gift, including a hotel room key, for her new man, pal Jonathan Cheban told her: ‘Just be fun.

You’re so f**king weird about it.’‘I know a little about this guy but I’m not gonna ask a lot of questions because she’s super awkward,’ added Khloe.‘She will like shut down.

"He goes, 'You better watch your back.'""This is not going to end well," a worried Kim says.

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Kim then told them she had been shot in another unflattering paparazzi picture that made her ‘look like 500 years old.’‘That is like my life, but why do i subject myself to being out and being seen? Khloe again tried to spend time with Kris, and was left frustrated when her mother had work plans.‘I am here just for you. Khloe told her mom that she already felt guilty when she was away form the family but that they gave her too much ’s**t’ over it.‘I do feel guilty about not spending time with you but it was a lesson learned,’ said Kris.

At Khloe’s house she got Kim to help her clean her closet while Kourtney deleted celebrity news apps from Kim’s phone.‘Kim is not normally this insecure and if she just didn’t have access to social media or stopped looking at the blogs she would start feeling better,’ said Kourtney. On the Daily Mail that is how I learn all my news, of what is going on in the world,’ said Kim.

But not everyone was happy as Kim Kardashian admitted that unflattering bikini pictures from Mexico had seriously impacted her life on Sunday night’s episode of ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians.’Kim’s self-doubt and unhappiness at the pictures taken of her on vacation became so great that her sisters were forced to stage a social media intervention and block Kim from reading about herself on her phone.

Before their intervention though Kourtney showed she had no cellulite problems as she stripped off to her thong and let Khloe and Jonathan Cheban massage her butt with a fascia blaster.‘You really have no dimples,’ said Khloe admiringly as she and Jonathan rubbed Kourtney down.

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