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Reports of was generally found embedded in cysts in the lung parenchyma and rarely caused the death of the infected animal.Histopathology showed bronchial hyperplasia due to mononuclear cell infiltration under the epithelial lining (Parihar & Shrivastava 1988).were found predominantly in younger animals (Kumar & Rao 2003).Parasite eggs and adult parasites were recovered from Leopard Cats, Bengal Tigers, Asiatic Lions, Leopards and Snow Leopards.In their natural habitat felids range over large areas, have low parasitic exposure and consequently low genetic resistance against parasitic infections (Raja et al. In captivity, for example in zoological gardens, the problem of parasitic infections in these animals can aggravate and pose a serious threat (Muoria et al. Parasitic infections are not only responsible for the morbidities of animals but heavier infections may actually be fatal (Chhabra & Pathak 2013).

These are of major concern as they pose a serious threat to the animals and persons who come in contact with the animals, like zoo keepers and veterinarians.

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Amongst the protozoan parasitic infections reported in felids: babesiosis, trypanosomiasis and coccidiosis are most commonly found.

Most of the parasite species found in felids are transmissible to humans (zoonosis) and therefore have public health significance.

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The parasite was found during coprology and at necropsy, but molecular confirmation of the parasite was carried out only once by Pawar et al. The reports of this parasite from different zoological gardens of the country are listed in Table 2.species have been recorded from wild felids throughout the globe and are currently known to occur in more than 24 wild animal species.

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