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He would kiss her neck and whisper his adoration for her. Some of David's colleagues would tease him about how did he ever get such a gorgeous woman to marry. Luckily David had a great paying Petroleum Engineering job, therefore her working wasn't necessary.

Opening her eyes, she could see his eyes twinkling. He would laugh it off, but those comments built up his ego. They lived in a large home in the elite section of town.

He never intended to fall for any of them, but when he saw Amy his eyes lit up. Although she was instantly attractive to him, she shied away; thinking he was just another guy wanting sex, which he was.

After the second week, she decided to go out with him anyway because he seemed nice. "Maybe he really likes me and not just wanting my body. He's so cute." They hit it off and became great friends.

It was exactly what they both needed because David sensed there was something wrong.

With her mouth open moaning in pleasure she would say, "Oh god David! Now seven years later and living in Bakersfield has challenged their happiness. She became a bored home body, looking for some sort of excitement.

Even though she volunteered for their church, she still felt like she was missing something.

To get away from her past, she went 2000 miles from home to Colorado for college and to enjoy her favorite winter sports. He was over 6 feet tall with an athletics body but was nerdy looking because he wore glasses.

Girls still seemed to like him and he never had trouble getting girls for sex.

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These experiences made her feel like an ugly duckling even though she was far from it.

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