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Kim was born in 1969, but her actual birth date is not known.

She began her career as an engineer in the music industry, and met Donnie Wahlberg while she was working with Marky Mark, at the age of 22.

Tyson’s scene on the couch with Davis, in which mother and daughter wept over the reality of Ophelia’s condition, was one of the series’ most nuanced, tender moments to date.

about why they aren’t planning on having more kids.

So, when a celebrity leaves a ,000 tip, it's a big deal.

Early Thursday morning, Donnie Wahlberg, a founding member of New Kids on the Block and a current star of "Blue Bloods," posted a photo on Facebook that showed a Waffle House receipt with a ,000 tip.

A successful recording engineer before she met him, she has kept a somewhat low profile since after their divorce, and there has been no evidence that she worked since after the marriage.

A well-known celebrity, Kimberly Fey is better known for her marriage with Donnie Wahlberg.

and then to have it destroyed by Jamie’s angry rebuff.

Grey a very important character as Jamie’s story continues, and the casting had to be perfect. HONORABLE MENTION | Were there ever any doubt, now we know for sure: You do not want to piss off Oprah Winfrey — she’s vicious!

In ’s Season 2 finale, her Mavis was willing to content herself with rejecting Mae’s peace offering and tossing her out.

But Mae just had to push it, telling her estranged sister that she forgave her for sleeping with her husband “that one time.” Set off, Mavis unfurled a mile-long mean streak, delighting in revealing that “that one time” had often been repeated and suggesting that James had only married Mae in the first place because she was such “a pretty little light-skinned thing.” Throughout the whole fabulously nasty scene, Winfrey, as she tends to, dazzled, spitting out Mavis’ taunts as if cruelty were her second language. Thursday’s season premiere of the ABC drama was no exception; as Annalise’s mother, Ophelia, reluctantly came to terms with her worsening dementia, Tyson transformed her character from an obstinate, acid-tongued powerhouse to a woman who is simply devastated to be losing her mind.

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