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“Job titles such as app developer, search engine optimisation specialist, growth hacker, social media expert, and user experience designer are all very new, but legitimate careers,” says Waterworth.

“The digital revolution is creating new opportunities across all industries, and new graduates are best placed to fill these gaps.”However, it’s important to be realistic.

“Recent graduates are among the most technologically savvy and digitally connected classes in history,” says Natalie Waterworth, co-founder of, a career guidance website.

She explains that employers are looking for IT-literate candidates who can adapt quickly to the changing work environment, which gives you a distinct advantage.

The employment market is finally showing signs of renewed life.

While some areas (including the public sector and local government) are still struggling, others, such as accountancy and construction, are on the up.

Recent economic conditions have shaped this generation, making them adaptable, resilient and creative.”Plus, the very nature of work is changing, and new roles are being created that simply didn’t exist a decade ago.

Office for National Statistics data currently puts unemployment at 7.4 per cent, its lowest rate since 2009.

You’re also part of a graduating cohort with unique skills.

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All data is as at 1st December of the relevant academic year. The figures are a headcount, not FTEs, and should not be used to estimate any form of teaching effort.

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