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Fostex NYPD cap - blu navy - Cappelli - Abbigliamento. Berretto in cotone blu con ricamo diretto su frontino con scritta e stemma NYPD. Her philosophy, in her own words: So, what Dela really wants us to do is to take up our hooks and, well, hook! Don’t ignore the basis of the technique, but go beyond ’em and if you like the result, keep going. I honestly wish I had known this book when I was teaching myself Tunisian crochet, because it would’ve helped me an awful lot.So, if you’re a beginner, this is definitely a book you should have on your shelf.If you want to read more about Dela Wilkins and her railway classes, you can check The Crochet Crowd and Moogly.Innanzitutto, dovete sapere che il “Railway Knitting Workbook” di Dela Wilkins non ha nulla a che vedere con la maglia ( era uno dei molti nomi utilizzati nel XIX secolo per definire l’uncinetto tunisino, e non c’entra niente con la maglia. Si tratta di un manuale compatto ma molto completo che parte dalle basi della tecnica, cioè dalla catenella e dalla riga di inizio, per poi approfondire le svariate possibilità che ci offre l’uncinetto tunisino.

First thing you should know, Dela Wilkins‘ “Railway Knitting Workbook” is not a book about knitting, it’s about Tunisian crochet. Railway knitting was one of the many names used in 19th century for Tunisian crochet, and has nothing to do with knitting. Dela’s book is a compact but really complete manual, which includes the technique’s fundamentals, beginning from chain and foundation row, going on to the various opportunity Tunisian crochet offers.The yarn behaved perfectly, not loosening up and maintaining its shape. Considering the yarn’s qualities, I agree with Borgo de’ Pazzi and I’d recommend Flambé for comfy sweaters and shawls; not lacey, elaborated ones, but linear and clean looking garments.Flambé è un cotone cardato, non mercerizzato, venduto in gomitoli da 50 g / 105 m.The shot effect gives Flambé a vivacious touch, and the solid colors of its numerous shades (24!) make it ideal both for classic and à la mode garments.

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