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Never before have so few done so much to besmirch a couple of brands.

Speaking of shoes, Margaret is back from Vegas and busy working on a luxury for less shoe line.

At one point she says something like what do I know, I am not the mom, but when you were away, Dad was very strict. She says that Siggy needs to let Josh go where he needs to go.

We had rules And Milania in particular needs structure. Joe and Melissa stop by Teresa’s house and over a bottle of wine discuss Teresa’s comments at the pizzeria.

Teresa says she thinks there should be more old photos on the wall. At the shop, Gia points out to Teresa that she doesn’t discipline the girls because she is afraid that they will hate her. In her confession she basically says she doesn’t want to be the mom, she just wants to do fun things and go on vacation. Speaking of poor parenting, Siggy is at lunch with her parents complaining that Josh doesn’t listen to her.

Teresa comes over and pulls Dolores away from Danielle and escorts her to the door.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please take out a sharpie and mark your calendars.

Tonight I am feeling emotionally well, I’m relatively sane, and completely sober for now. In case you missed it, I wrote a post about Danielle being sued today. It’s not a Mc Mansion like all the other houses that the Jersey and Atlanta housewives live in.

When David takes Dolores to dinner, he buys a dinner for Frank and Frankie for Dolores to take home to them.

Dolores tells Frank about Danielle telling Teresa that she said that Teresa doesn’t care about any friendship over money.

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I’m pretty sure everyone with any sense put their house on the market if it has a big white staircase with ugly black railings like so many of these giant, gaudy places do.

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