Adult roleplaying chat

These topics pertain to clans, and mentioning them will result in a ban.This rule includes advertising your tournament through mass private messaging.We cannot get your Pokémon back for you, so always trade/battle at your own discretion. Warning, then 5 minute ban -- This is particularly annoying.Ops are added when the other ops think that they should be added.5 minute ban -- Do not complain in the main channel that someone scammed you, or that they disconnected during your battle.

This includes Action Replay, Pokésav, and Game Shark.There is no way to "become an op" of your own doing, it is a granted access that you cannot ask for, and probably will not get if you make it apparent you're trying to get it.Let your curiosity rest on this one, and stop asking.5 minute ban -- Do not ask people to join your clan. This includes advertising your clan through mass private messaging. 5 minute ban -- Do not ask to host or join a tournament.Do not ask for other people to create a tournament.

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